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5 Things You Must Know Ab
5 Things You Must Know About PCOS PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a term familiar to many but known to very few of us. It’s an endocrine disorder and is very common in Indian women. But many of them do not even realise it, take alone getting it treated. To start with, here are a few important things every women should know about PCOS : No identified cause There’s no use stressing about identifying the cause of why you are suffering from this particular disease. That’s because even experts had not been able to do so. Though it can be hereditary, no other definite cause could be identified. It isn’t that bad, but almost near! Even though it isn’t a deadly disease, it can cause a number of diseases later in your life. These include infertility, diabetes, abnormal bleeding from uterus, abnormal blood pressure, etc. You don’t need to have all symptoms That’s one of the reasons why a lot of women don’t even know they suffer from PCOS. It’s not necessary that you will have all symptoms that hint towards PCOS. Some have excess facial hair but regular periods, other both or none. It’s pretty complicated. Being Obese is a problem If you have PCOS and still gaining weight without watch, it can be harmful for your health. The complications related to PCOS are seen to be adverse in obese people. So, start watching your weight now! Treatment There’s no hard and fast treatment for the disease but your gynaecologist knows your body best (after examination of course). Different medications are recommended according to the symptoms. A regular check-up is recommended to keep a check on PCOS. To book an appointment with our in-house gynaecologist, Dr. Bimla Bansal, you can click here. About Bansal Global Hospital A world class private hospital located in North-West Delhi, the Bansal Global Hospital offers the best treatment possible and care to its patients round the clock (24×7). The multi-specialty Bansal Global Hospital provides specialist medical and surgical care ranging from simple day-case procedures to complex surgeries, blood and other tests in our state of the art pathology lab, digital X-rays, inpatient facilities. The hospital has dedicated inpatient facility, with all fully air-conditioned ensuite rooms. Our staff offer high quality services to ensure that your stay with us is as comfortable as possible in private and discrete facilities. 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