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Regulating your Child’s Screen Addictions The topic is familiar to most parents today. And in fact to anybody who lives around a child in the house. Children today are more addicted to screens today than they ever were. Screens can include television, mobile, or computer screens. The most important reason is obviously the increased number of gadgets in a household and the content available 24×7 to pacify your child. But is it the right thing to do? Dr. Neha Bansal is of the view that it is rather not. Why? #Contact_Now #Bansal_Global_Hospital Ph : 011-27636400 Email : Address: Bansal Fracture, Gynae and Kids Clinic, E-1086 Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura, Delhi 110034 Dr Neha Bansal – Child Specialist Read More :’s-screen-addictions the-topic-is-familiar-to-most-parents-today.-and-in-fact-to-anybody-who-lives-around-a-child-in-the-house.-children-today-are-more-addicted-to-screens-today-than-they-ever-were.-screens-can-include-television,-mobile,-or-computer-screens. the-most-important-reason-is-obviously-the-increased-number-of-gadgets-in-a-household-and-the-content-available-24×7-to-pacify-your-child.-but-is-it-the-right-thing-to-do?-dr.-neha-bansal-is-of-the-view-that-it-is-rather-not. why? #contact_now #bansal_global_hospital ph-:-011-27636400 address: bansal-fracture,-gynae-and-kids-clinic,-e-1086-saraswati-vihar,-pitampura,-delhi-110034 dr-neha-bansal-–-child-specialist read-more-:-
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