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How to keep your bones healthy after the age of 30! Why has the threshold been set to 30? Because that’s when your body starts changing and somehow you can no longer naturally young and healthy the way you used to be. It’s not that you can’t be healthy after 30, but it requires a bit of efforts. Changing your habits and bringing in positive changes in your life helps immensely. Since, our bones are one of the most affected areas as we get older; Dr. Suresh Bansal shares some healthy tips to maintain bone health after 30: Regular Exercise No, getting older with age doesn’t mean you can rest all day or that you don’t need to play sports or other activities. In fact, it’s now that your need to be active more than ever. Go for regular walks and include strengthening exercises in your routine. Food Habits Change your food habits if you had been too ignorant before. Include more calcium rich foods in your diet and take in enough Vitamin D. Caffeine and Alcohol That’s a very important point. Cut on your alcohol and caffeine intake and try to reach ‘zero’ intake level for these. It won’t only help in getting your bones strong but will keep you healthy overall. Regular Checkups In case of difficulty in walking or abnormal pain that exists for more than 2-3 days, consult an orthopaedic doctor at the earliest. Early detection is half the disease cured! To know more about bone health or for expert consultation, you can book an appointment with Dr. Suresh Bansal by clicking here About Bansal Global Hospital A world class private hospital located in North-West Delhi, the Bansal Global Hospital offers the best treatment possible and care to its patients round the clock (24×7). The multi-specialty Bansal Global Hospital provides specialist medical and surgical care ranging from simple day-case procedures to complex surgeries, blood and other tests in our state of the art pathology lab, digital X-rays, inpatient facilities. The hospital has dedicated inpatient facility, with all fully air-conditioned ensuite rooms. Our staff offer high quality services to ensure that your stay with us is as comfortable as possible in private and discrete facilities. Address: Bansal Global Hospital C-10 Ramgarh, , Near Jahangirpuri Metro Station, Delhi, 110033 Bansal Fracture, Gynae and Kids Clinic, E-1086 Saraswati Vihar, Pitampura, Delhi 110034 Neo Kidz Clinic, C-38 Raj Nagar, Pitampura, Delhi 110034 Tel: 9911062832 Dr Suresh Bansal – Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon Dr Bimla Bansal – Obstetrics and Gynaecology Dr Neha Bansal – Child Specialist Bone doctor Bone doctor in Pitampura Bone doctor in NCR Bone doctor in Shalimar Bagh Bone doctor in Rohini Bone doctor in Azadpur Bone doctor in Bansal Global Hospital Fracture doctor Fracture doctor in Pitampura Fracture doctor in NCR Fracture doctor in Shalimar Bagh Fracture doctor in Rohini Fracture doctor in Azadpur Fracture doctor in Bansal Global Hospital Back Pain Back Pain in Pitampura Back Pain in NCR Back Pain in Shalimar Bagh Back Pain in Rohini Back Pain in Azadpur Back Pain in Bansal Global Hospital Orthopaedic Doctor Orthopaedic Doctor in Pitampura Orthopaedic Doctor in NCR Orthopaedic Doctorin Shalimar Bagh Orthopaedic Doctor in Rohini Orthopaedic Doctor in Azadpur Orthopaedic Doctor in Bansal Global Hospital! why-has-the-threshold-been-set-to-30?-because-that’s-when-your-body-starts-changing-and-somehow-you-can-no-longer-naturally-young-and-healthy-the-way-you-used-to-be.-it’s-not-that-you-can’t-be-healthy-after-30,-but-it-requires-a-bit-of-efforts. changing-your-habits-and-bringing-in-positive-changes-in-your-life-helps-immensely.-since,-our-bones-are-one-of-the-most-affected-areas-as-we-get-older;-dr.-suresh-bansal-shares-some-healthy-tips-to-maintain-bone-health-after-30: regular-exercise no,-getting-older-with-age-doesn’t-mean-you-can-rest-all-day-or-that-you-don’t-need-to-play-sports-or-other-activities.-in-fact,-it’s-now-that-your-need-to-be-active-more-than-ever.-go-for-regular-walks-and-include-strengthening-exercises-in-your-routine. food-habits change-your-food-habits-if-you-had-been-too-ignorant-before.-include-more-calcium-rich-foods-in-your-diet-and-take-in-enough-vitamin-d. caffeine-and-alcohol that’s-a-very-important-point.-cut-on-your-alcohol-and-caffeine-intake-and-try-to-reach-‘zero’-intake-level-for-these.-it-won’t-only-help-in-getting-your-bones-strong-but-will-keep-you-healthy-overall. regular-checkups in-case-of-difficulty-in-walking-or-abnormal-pain-that-exists-for-more-than-2-3-days,-consult-an-orthopaedic-doctor-at-the-earliest.-early-detection-is-half-the-disease-cured! to-know-more-about-bone-health-or-for-expert-consultation,-you-can-book-an-appointment-with-dr.-suresh-bansal-by-clicking-here about-bansal-global-hospital a-world-class-private-hospital-located-in-north-west-delhi,-the-bansal-global-hospital-offers-the-best-treatment-possible-and-care-to-its-patients-round-the-clock-(24×7).-the-multi-specialty-bansal-global-hospital-provides-specialist-medical-and-surgical-care-ranging-from-simple-day-case-procedures-to-complex-surgeries,-blood-and-other-tests-in-our-state-of-the-art-pathology-lab,-digital-x-rays,-inpatient-facilities.-the-hospital-has-dedicated-inpatient-facility,-with-all-fully-air-conditioned-ensuite-rooms.-our-staff-offer-high-quality-services-to-ensure-that-your-stay-with-us-is-as-comfortable-as-possible-in-private-and-discrete-facilities. address: bansal-global-hospital-c-10-ramgarh,-,-near-jahangirpuri-metro-station,-delhi,-110033 bansal-fracture,-gynae-and-kids-clinic,-e-1086-saraswati-vihar,-pitampura,-delhi-110034 neo-kidz-clinic,-c-38-raj-nagar,-pitampura,-delhi-110034 tel:-9911062832 dr-suresh-bansal-–-specialist-orthopedic-surgeon dr-bimla-bansal-–-obstetrics-and-gynaecology dr-neha-bansal-–-child-specialist bone-doctor bone-doctor-in-pitampura bone-doctor-in-ncr bone-doctor-in-shalimar-bagh bone-doctor-in-rohini bone-doctor-in-azadpur bone-doctor-in-bansal-global-hospital fracture-doctor fracture-doctor-in-pitampura fracture-doctor-in-ncr fracture-doctor-in-shalimar-bagh fracture-doctor-in-rohini fracture-doctor-in-azadpur fracture-doctor-in-bansal-global-hospital back-pain back-pain-in-pitampura back-pain-in-ncr back-pain-in-shalimar-bagh back-pain-in-rohini back-pain-in-azadpur back-pain-in-bansal-global-hospital orthopaedic-doctor orthopaedic-doctor-in-pitampura orthopaedic-doctor-in-ncr orthopaedic-doctorin-shalimar-bagh orthopaedic-doctor-in-rohini orthopaedic-doctor-in-azadpur orthopaedic-doctor-in-bansal-global-hospital/b307
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