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Dengue in Delhi has unfortunately become common now. Symptoms of dengue can include: a high temperature (fever), which can reach 40C (104F) or higher a severe headache pain behind the eyes muscle andjoint pain feeling or being sick a widespread red rash loss of appetite If you are not feeling well, contact our best paediatrician or general physician to take clinical advice. Dr Neha Bansal, Child Specialist 099110 52494​⁠​ General Physician and other problems 9818377428 a-high-temperature-(fever),-which-can-reach-40c-(104f)-or-higher a-severe-headache pain-behind-the-eyes muscle-andjoint-pain feeling-or-being-sick a-widespread-red-rash loss-of-appetite if-you-are-not-feeling-well,-contact-our-best-paediatrician-or-general-physician-to-take-clinical-advice.- dr-neha-bansal,-child-specialist-099110-52494​⁠​ general-physician-and-other-problems-9818377428
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